Celebrating the vistas and vitality of the Western tradition.

The history of the Western world – its vast array of cultural achievements, its internal struggles and self-criticisms, its staunch defense of itself from external aggressors – inspires awe. For centuries, this tradition fueled advancements that transformed and elevated the moral and material condition of the entire world.

In recent years, however, this edifice has come under renewed attack by those who deny the West’s accomplishments and who wish to remake society under the impress of a collectivist, utopian plan. A key focus of this anti-civilizational animus are the schools and colleges through which the liberating values of the West have been transmitted to future generations.

Championing the truth in American education.

The Golden Thread Initiative seeks to champion, reinstate, and reaffirm the legacy of the West and to instigate a counter-revolution in the teaching of history in America. Vital new textbooks published by Encounter under the auspices of The Golden Thread Initiative will become the standard for educators across the country.

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